Roaccutane and Depression

Roaccutane is the most effective therapy for severe acne and is prescribed by Dermatologists all over the world. It is common to have annoying Roaccutane side effects such as lip chaffing, sensitivity of the skin and eyes, blood noses as well as occasional fatigue and soreness of ligaments and joints. There is the very important concern however that a minority of those on Roaccutane can experience mood swings and depression as side effects.

This raises a predicament in those with challenging acne as depression may be the consequence of choosing not to use Roaccutane due to the poor self-esteem associated with unsightly pimples. Therefore, by taking the drug, one can potentially experience the side effect of depression and by choosing not to take it one can risk depression secondary to the acne.

If you or a family member is considering commencing the medication Roaccutane, it is important that you have fully researched the association with, mood swings and depression.

Click on the following link for an expert review of the connection between Roaccutane and depression. This web page is independent from any pharmaceutical companies and presented in a succinct and balanced form with a formal medical bibliography.

For those taking Roaccutane, it is suggested that some form of monitoring of mood condition be undertaken, given the link between depression. This can be an onerous proposition given that mood swings are occurring naturally all the time and depression can be insidious. It is therefore paramount to have an official objective mood measurement whilst taking Roaccutane. This is most easily accomplished by using an app Mood Monitor which has been created especially for this purpose.

Mood Monitor contains a brief, medically proven mood survey to be completed by the person taking Roaccutane. Every fortnight (or other set amount of time), prompts to complete the survey are given and an objective evaluation of depression is obtained. It is possible to set up the parent/carer of the individual on Roaccutane to be emailed a detailed summary of mood status.

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